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How to Support Local During the Corona Crisis

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Well, things are about to change. The drop in foot traffic and a reluctance to go out will likely leave many shops, restaurants and other businesses in a risky situation. That’s why the Kenton wants to bring you a friendly reminder on how to support local businesses and some of our favorite local friends and their strategies.

Chances are that governments at all levels will step in at some point with financial help and other policy measures, however, there also are some small ways that we as individual (if we have the means) can help our favorite small businesses through this madness.

Gift cards

Purchasing a gift card to your favorite shop, grocery store, café, theater or restaurant is a quick and easy way to put cash into the hands of locals!

Look at it as an investment, when this is all over you’ll still be able to go back and use it at the places you love! For example, we love shopping at Green Zebra Groceries, so instead of heading for a large multinational supermarket you bet we are buying a gift card from them! Make sure to check out your local stores to see which ones offer them! Our friends at Swif and Union are offering giftcards so that you can continue enjoying their mean BBQ at home. AND Colibri Flower Shop is offering gift cards as well ready to be used in spring!!

Online shopping & ordering

This is perhaps the biggest one. You can stock up on bottles of your favorite beers and wines, place an online order to brunch to go, show love to your local dispensary, order a batch of your favorite donuts for the weekend or order take out dinner! All from your laptop or smartphone.

Luckily for you, our friends at @foundry503 have put together a website guide on Portland business offering online order, take out, delivery and more! Check it out here. Our personal favorites are Derby, Posies, Gnome Grown and Mayfly PDX.

Take advantage of discounts, deals & initiatives

Because of so many businesses have had to cancel their events and also had to close their doors to on-site consumption many are enticing customers with special deals and discounts!

Our friends at Mayfly PDX are offering 10% off any 6 or more bottles/cans!, they are filling growlers as well and mason jars! Plus 10% of all "Closure Sales" are going to @terrancemosessr48 and Neighbors Helping Neighbors. The arrow PDX is offering free delivery, Handsome Pizza is raising funds to further help their employees, and so many more deals!!!

At Kenton, we are launching a newsletter initiative, when you sign up for our newsletter you’ll get 10% your next visit as well as special rates for the summer!

Order in

For hospitality businesses this is perhaps the biggest way to show your support. Many locally owned restaurants and food businesses are now getting on to delivery platforms like Uber Eats or Postmates, as many of the ones we mentioned already are doing.

Another local favorite of ours is @roventepizzeria with their usual great deliveru and for healthy and gluten-free food and groceries Cultured Cavemen is doing bulk orders and online orders with delivery!

Tip a little more than usual & online support

If you do go pick up your take out or order you could consider being a little extra generous on the tips for wait staff and delivery people!

A generous tip may not necessarily make a big difference financially but you bet that it will make someones day as well as to contribute to the overall mood and spirit of the community :)

Also supporting local artists, singers, painters and other specialized business like Prospect Bottle Shop and Little Roots Plants. We all could use a follow, like or comments to cheer us up!

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